Shield Your Vehicle With a Sturdy Carport

Shield Your Vehicle With a Sturdy Carport

Book our carport installation service in Asheboro, NC

A car left without covering is vulnerable not only to weather, but also to tree debris. If you want to protect your vehicle, we have just what you need. Alcan's Metal Buildings offers carport installation services for residential and commercial clients in Asheboro, NC. Our carports can be installed on gravel, dirt or concrete and are built to withstand harsh winds. You just tell us where you want yours and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll match the size of the carport to the size of your vehicle. Find out more about our custom carport installation service when you call 336-736-4261 today.

Choose a roofing option that works for you

Our custom carport installations are completely customizable, including the roof. Our clients can choose from the following three different roof styles:

  • Traditional roofing
  • Vertical roofing
  • Horizontal roofing

We'll ensure you're satisfied with the results before we consider the job finished. Reach out to us now to schedule our carport installation service.